Did I show you the turtle that I picked up at a junk store?  Hang on just a minute…while I go check.  I will be right back.  Okay…I’m back!  I had to look through my last few posts, because I couldn’t remember if I had shared the happy little turtle with your or not.  He’s so cute.  I named him Speedy.


He is probably someone’s creation from the 1980’s.  I cleaned him up and stuck a piece of Aloe Vera in him.  There is something about the little smile on his face that really perks me up.  God knew that I needed a little something on the day that I found Speedy.  Isn’t it amazing, the way that He works in our everyday lives…when there is so much more out there besides little old us?  I’m so thankful for a relationship with Him.

(I have just realized that I used the word “little” way to much.  I am past caring though…because we have a cold/flu bug going out here and I feel like falling over.)

We will survive!