Have you ever heard the word “cozimuchness?”  I didn’t think so.  I made it up.  Can we do that?  Sure!  It perfectly describes today.  It’s dark and drizzly outside.  I’m sitting here in my little recliner with a cup of coffee….and I need to be digging stuff out for our church yard sale.

On the front porch.

I have a pot of beans going for supper tonight.  You can’t get much more “cozimuchness” than a big ol’ pot of ham and beans.  I’m going to make the Mr. some of his favorite loaded cornbread and probably fry some potatoes for us too.  Our kids and my Mr. love fried potatoes.  It’s not something that I fix super-often…but when I do…they are ecstatic.  I try to feed us fairly healthy….but sometimes…you must throw caution to the wind, grab the ol’ iron skillet and fry those babies up.

veggie skillet

My mom and my mother-in-law are both “cozimuchness” lovers too.  They both love to tidy up their homes…have a plan for supper and burn a good smelling candle.  They both like to get their work done and then of an evening cuddle up.  I am so thankful for the both of them.  My step-mom is the same way.  She has this amazing evening routine that is so cozy and sweet.  She inspires me.  I am so thankful for her too.  She gets the whole “cozimuchness” thing….like nobody’s business.  I love to tease her when we are out and about…that her p.j.’s are calling her name.  Her eyes twinkle.  P.j.’s and “cozimuchness” go hand in hand.


Our grandmothers all know and knew about “cozimuchness” too.  It really just involves a strong love for your home and making others feel welcome there.  During this fall season, when I add little things here and there, our little son will come and find me and tell me how he likes it when I put new things out.  He has been delighted with pumpkins and gourds this year.  His wife will love that someday, when he notices the effort that she makes to add “cozimuchness” to their home. (Someday in the very distant future.) 😉


I hope that your day and your home is full of “cozimuchness” Sweet Dirt Roaders.  I hope that Jesus warms you from the inside out today.  By the way…in case you have ever wondered….He loves you….unfathomable.


Diggin’ out junk….er…I mean…really great stuff that you should come and buy,