Good mmmMonday! all!  How on earth are ya?  It’s been a few days hasn’t it?  I was busy last week getting ready to go to to ladies retreat and I had to put this little blog on hold for a bit.  You know…how it goes.  I tried to get the house cleaned and all of the laundry done before I left…and then there was packing.  Of course, I had a nice little sinus crud to go along with it.  Just the norm.  Anyway, tonight at the Farmhouse, we are having a weenie roast for supper.  I’m just so stinkin’ excited.


Do you all ever do that in the fall or maybe in the spring?  Once in a while we get the little fire pit going for a weenie roast at supper time.  We had planned to do this anyway…but then it came up that I had a little photo shoot tonight…so….perfect.  I love easy suppers.


What are you and yours doing for supper tonight?  I would love to hear all about it.  Your comments inspire me!  Whatever you do…I hope that you have a wonderful time of breaking bread with someone you love…or a good book and the love of Christ “cozies you up” from the inside out.