“Can she bake a cherry pie, Billy boy…Billy Boy?  Can she bake a cherry pie, charming Billy?”  Isn’t that the way that it goes?  I believe so.


How in the world are you, Dirt Roaders?  We are doing good. No cherry pies today….it’s not really the season for fresh cherries…but other things are coming along.  We are plugging along into the cooler weather, which is such a relief.  The Mr. loves fall and it makes me happy that the season that he loves is upon us.  That brings us to our little topic today…fruits of the season.  This mmmMonday! had me wondering if any of you out there that are making apple butter or pear butter…or just canning the fruit?  My Paw Paw and my Uncle Jay are supposed to be out picking pears for me today.  I am excited about that.  It’s been a couple of years since I have worked up a mess of pears. (That is the way that we describe it…in the Ozarks.)

We have had cozy weather over the weekend.  Maybe...just maybe fall is on the way.

The last time that we had pears I made pear butter.  Actually…I roped the Mr. into helping me.  It was a very involved process and I felt like I needed four hands instead of two.  It was delish!  If you are interested in the recipe it is in the Ball Blue Book and I’m sure that if you Google it…it’s all over the web. I love the little bit of orange juice that you add.  It’s so good at breakfast with eggs and bacon.

These give a little farmhouse/industrial/farmers market feel.  That makes me happy...in the nest fluffin' department.  ;)

I hope that your day is wonderful.  I hope that if you are up to your elbows in the fruits of the season…that it’s making you feel content and fulfilled.  Putting things up for your family to enjoy in the winter or all year long is a labor of love and it is so worth it.

From my kitchen to yours,