Last Friday…I went and picked my MIL up. (Not literally….in the truck.)  We do that sometimes.  It gives us both a little break from everyday life.  On that particular day, one of her neighbors had a little yard sale going on.  Of course we stopped.  We wouldn’t think of letting you down in that area.

Now…before I show you the picture I have to tell you something.  You might laugh at me…but here it goes.  I have always been a little bit enthralled by these things.  I don’t even know what they are called.  I just know that the organized woman in me has always thought that they were nifty.  My husband’s granny used to have a TURQUOISE one.  Why, oh why, (slaps forehead with palm) did I not ask for that when they were having the sale?  DUMB Unfortunate.  Anyway…maybe it stems from growing up with a really old fridge.  Our fridge was the rounded kind that had a pretty turquoise interior.  If I’m not mistaken…it was the kind with the lovely script inside that labeled the drawers and things.  So that brings us to this…and my fetish for words and fonts and storage:


See!  Isn’t she beautiful!?  I actually have foil and wax paper and paper towels in there!  So handy dandy.  The big bonus was…that if I couldn’t have it in turquoise….faux wood grain is the next best thing right?  Of course!  I told the Mr. years ago that wood was going to come back with a bang…and I was right.  It’s everywhere…and I’m kind of loving it.  I can’t believe that I said that.  It’s true though.  Maybe I need a wood grain station wagon to go to yard sales in.  Now wouldn’t that be a hoot!?! (MIL used to have one.)


I hope that you have a wonderful day, Dirt Roaders.   I hope that you find a bargain that will knock your socks off.  I forgot to mention that my treasure only took one American dollah from my cute little Vera Bradly wallet.  (Sis. B. I threw that in for you.)  That is my kind of junkin’ right there.


Bringing back the 70’s,