Do you all do that whole week meal planning thing?  I really want to know.  I think that it’s grand.  I am not that way.  I am more of a day before meal planner.  When I go to the store I buy basic ingredients that I can turn into all kinds of things.  I’m always wanting to know what people are having for supper.  After all…that is our big meal together at the Farmhouse.  We even have a little fb page called What’s for Supper?  Nosey aren’t I?  😉


I follow one person on Instagram that does the month of freezer meals.  Isn’t that awesome!?  That would save so much time.  I actually know a lady, that works with my husband, that used to cook all weekend to have food ready for the next week.  What an organized thing to do!


I have to have a little flexibility in my routine.  With both of the above ideas…you could do just that, just in case one night in the week you felt like celebrating and going out for pizza or something.  (The Mr. is probably nodding while reading this.  I am known for my spur-of-the-moment ideas. Hey…it makes life fun.)


I really do want to know what is for supper at your house.  Or….at your cabin…in your neck of the woods.  I love to hear about families sitting down and sharing a meal together.  It’s a wonderful thing.  Tonight…along the dirt road we are having roast.  In fact, here in just a bit, I’m going to go in the kitchen and put it on.  That’s what you do with a roast right?  “Put it on.”  Well…that is what my family tree of gals have always said.


I love preparing for my family.  I love it when I pick the kids up and they ask what we are having for supper.  Most of the time…it’s positive feedback.  You know how that works.  They all like roast though…so I think that they will be pleased.


Have a wonderful day, Dirt Roaders.  I love your comments…and I really want to know…what is on the menu for supper at your house.

In the kitchen…putting the roast on,