Are you drying bushels of hydrangeas today?  You aren’t?  Well…you can.  I am going to tell you how.  Even though you could Google it…I will provide you with the info…free of charge.  Yes…yes…I am sweet that way.


So….if you have a hydrangea bush…or a friend with a hydrangea bush, please don’t dress in all black and rob your neighbors in the night, (not very friendly) it’s pretty simple and amazing the way that dried hydrangeas last.  Have you seen them everywhere?  They are so pretty.  Ours turn pink and green.  What a pretty combo.

So…basically…the short of it, is this:

1.  Cut your blooms off of the bush after they are dry and papery. (Not while they are still tender.

2.  Cut in different sized stem lengths and remove leaves.

3.  Bring inside…after debugging them…and put them in jars with water.  Give each flower head enough space to breathe.

4.  Set them out of direct sunlight and just leave them be…until they are dry. If they are still not dry after all of the water is gone, add more water and patiently wait.


I think that baskets of them are lovely.  I also love the look of an old dough bowl with dried hydrangeas.  They will last and you will have a beautiful floral arrangement in your home.  Try it…you might like it.  😉

When mine are done for this year…I will try to remember to let you have a look.  Why?  Because you are Dirt Roaders…and you need to know these things.


Waiting on my hydrangeas,