It’s here! Are you ready? At this moment…there is a guy in our back yard digging a hole for our new…old…swimming pool. Did I lose you on that one? We purchased it used. Yes…now it makes sense. It seems appropriate though, on the first day of summer.


Do you have lots of plans for this summer? We are actually having a little staycation this week.  Do you love those?  I do.  I love having time to just enjoy being together.  Our kids are little hermits…so they do well with it.  (Okay…they really aren’t hermits…but staying at home doesn’t bother them.  I love that.)


Last night, around dusk, we went out on the porch and just…enjoyed.  We sang several songs.  It was so fun.  I wondered if our neighbors could hear us.  Sound carries through these Ozark hills.  If they did…they heard us lifting praises up to our Lord.  That thought, makes me happy.


Whatever you do this summer, Dirt Roaders, I suggest that you take time to just “be still.”  It’s a therapy like no other.  It’s in these times that we are still…that we hear that precious, still small Voice.


Three Smiles for Summer!  🙂 🙂 🙂