Have you ever read that sign…”My house was clean yesterday…sorry you missed it.”  Maybe you have one.  Well thankfully…yesterday, when I had the itch to revamp the laundry room, I had the good sense to snap a few quick shots with my phone.


Today….my laundry room isn’t dirty…but I’ve been doing laundry…”to beat the band” so everyone’s stacks are on the table.  Plus, I have swimmers coming in and out from the pool.  So…even though these are cell phone shots…you can be there…yesterday.  You are welcome.  😉


See that metal rack?  I had a love/hate relationship with it. I loved the extra storage…but I didn’t actually like to see all of  the stuff.
Enter: duck cloth
I had just enough downstairs in my craft area for a little curtain.  Ahhhh….much better. Plus I love the “farmhousey” that it adds.  All love now.  No hate.  No hate…is good.  I’m glad we had this talk.  😉


Of course, I couldn’t resist adding a little pretty to the functional.  You guys know how I roll by now.  The pressure cooker was my Nanny’s.  She is the one that inspired me to start canning in the first place.  (She had already inspired my mom.) When she gave it to me it felt as though she was passing the baton.  She is precious.  I am honored.

Thanks for hanging out in my laundry room with me, Dirt Roaders.  At this farmhouse laundry room…you can find anything from soggy swimming clothes to chicken poop tracked in…so cleaning it is never optional.