Do you ever just get inspired by a photo and then jump in the kitchen and make something?  That is kind of how this recipe came about.  I was looking through my new BHG and spotted a recipe for grilled quesadillas.  I’m not really sure how they made them but this is what I came up with and it is a keeper.  Oh and by the way…welcome to mmmMonday!



1 bag of boneless, skinless chicken tenderloins

flour tortillas

yellow and red peppers


salt and pepper

brown rice

pepper jack cheese

sour cream

1 lime




I didn’t give exact amounts on all of this…because I think that each person can just adjust to what they need.  If you are only making quesadillas for two you won’t need much brown rice…but I was cooking for a family of five.  You guys are smart…you can just eyeball it.  😉


I began by cooking the chicken in an iron skillet.  (My cowboy cookware.)  After the chicken started cooking a bit…I then added the red and yellow pepper.  You could use green if you want.  I just had these on hand.  Then I diced an onion and threw it in there.  While that was going, we cooked the amount of rice that we thought that we  would need to spread a layer on our quesadillas.  Then we  grated our pepper jack cheese.  We used 8 oz.   After the chicken mixture was finished (Don’t forget to season with s & p.) and the rice was done…it was time to assemble and grill.  I preheated my grill pan…maybe on medium/high heat.  I  rubbed the pan with a little olive oil and butter.  On one half of the tortilla I  layered rice, chicken mixture and cheese.  Then I folded the tortilla over and placed it in the grill pan.  While it’s grilling you can brush it with butter to soften it a little. After a minute or two, with tongs, flip it over and grill until the cheese inside starts to melt.  (If you don’t have a grill pan…and iron skillet or just a regular skillet will work too…just like a grilled cheese.)


After my grilled quesadillas were done, I mixed some light sour cream with the juice of one lime and some diced cilantro.  Oh my goodness.  I love that.  You can eyeball that mixture too…and adjust to your own taste.  I probably used about a half cup of sour cream, one lime and a handful of cilantro.


There you have it, Dirt Road Foodies.  My recipes are very casual…with room for invention.  This was quick and easy and delicious.  It’s not rocket science but it puts a good, healthy, meal on the table.  Next week we will be sharing the joys of the Mother/Daughter Meatloaf.  The girls and I whipped up a mean meatloaf together and it was so much fun.  I can’t wait to share it with you.  (They helped with the quesadillas too…my son-in-laws will love me someday.)  😉


Let me know if you think that you might try this or if you have a recipe that you would like to see on here….or if you just like to talk food…like me.  I love your comments.  They make me smile.  (I just realized that I say “eyeball” a lot when I’m cooking. Is that normal?)


Have a great day!