It’s true.  You heard it here…(probably not) first.  I have been seeing it here and there.  Brass is back.  You might be saying…”Hey Kel, it never left.   I’ve had it all this time.”  Okie dokie.  I respect that.  The thing is…I think the only place that I had any left was the builder’s pack lighting that we haven’t replaced yet.

Well…I fixed that the other day at the thrift store.  (Might as well talk a little more about junkin’.) For fifty little cents, I picked up a tarnished piece of brass…and brought her home with me.  She has the cutest little feet that you ever did see. I just  love her smudgy exterior.  She fits right in with the other well-loved things at our house.


I know…I know…we’re not all on the same page with the faux greenery…but I just love these little boxwood topiary balls. (They are great for a momma….on a budget.)

She is my only photo today.  Sorry that she’s a little fuzzy. (Note to self…wear you glasses during edits.) 😉  I just wanted to let you know, Dirt Roaders, that if you have been true to brass all along…and you love it…now is your time to shine.  They are claiming that it warms a room.  I’m down with that.  It may take a while to grow on me again…but for now…I’m going to enjoy the cute little feet on my brass pot.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend…from our dirt road to yours.