Hey Friends!  Happy mmmMonday!  I hope that it got off to a great start.  I thought that I would post a wonderful supper time treat for this mmmMonday! I tried this last week at the suggestion of a fb friend and it was great!  I only made a couple of little adjustments.  Ritz Cracker Crumb Chicken…is a keeper now in our family.

Thank you to Leigha...for this yummy recipe!

Thank you to Leigha…for this yummy recipe!

If you want the Ritz recipe you can find it here. The couple of things that I did different were this:

1.  I used olive oil to dip my chicken in, instead of butter.

2.  I added a little Parmesan cheese to my cracker crumbs.

Other than that…everything was the same, pretty much.  Do you guys cook like I do?  Add your own signature to almost every dish.  Of course you do.  It’s your kitchen, doctor it up!  😉

Have a wonderful Monday, Dirt Roadies.  May you and your family lap up the Ritz Cracker Crumb Chicken.