Happy Saturday to you!  I hope that you are doing things that you love.  We are.  We are enjoying our home.  The smell of bacon is permeating the air.  (The Mr. is an addict.) That really fits with our subject matter today.  What a wonderful day for Smell-o-rama!

You know….I realized the other day that I have not shared something very important with you:

SMELL!  You know…in Blogland…we share all kinds of things that we can SEE but we cannot let your smell our homes.  That would just be weird.


Sweet little warmer for the bathroom.

Smell..is a very important part of my life.  I know…I know.  You are saying to yourself…”Well…join the club Kel.  Isn’t it a big part of life for us all?” Granted, you are right, but I come from a family of people with…um…”healthy” sized noses.  I don’t know if that is why we have such sensitive sniffers or not but we can smell a “stank” or something good, seemingly miles away.


My favorite plug-in warmer. It hangs out in the laundry room.

I love to smell of my family.  I know this sounds weird…but it’s true. I love to snuggle my kids close and bury my face in their hair and smell them.  I love to hug my husband and breathe in the scent of his laundered shirt and his cologne.  When you hug my dad…you smell like his cologne when you walk away.  My mom can wear musk in a way like no other.  It smells go good on her.


This one is the Celtic Love Knot from Scentsy.

How about when you are cooking?  I can tell more by sniffing than by tasting.  Do you agree?  These noses…they are amazing little tools in the kitchen.  😉

So my big question for you today is this:  What is your favorite scent for your home?

Our girls have a pretty one.

Our girls have a pretty one.

We have several warmers around our house for Scentsy.  I LOVE scentsy.  I like the scents in our home to reflect the seasons but I also like for it to just smell good and like “home.”

This one is from Wal-Mart.  They have pretty ones too.

This one is from Wal-Mart. They have pretty ones too.

I am a fan of light smells.   I like citrus…in a major way.  I like summery citrus smells and fall citrus smells and Christmas citrus smells.  I have good memories of peach too.  My friend’s mom always kept peach flavored potpourri in their home.  (Late 80’s ) and it smelled so good.  Scentsy makes a good pomegranate too.  I like it because it doesn’t smell seasonal to me.  It just smells amazing.  (Did I mention that we have a Scentsy dealer in our church? YAY!)

Aren't you a pretty little thing?!

Aren’t you a pretty little thing?!

I would love to hear all about your favs!  Your comments make me smile.  Don’t be shy, Dirt Roaders.  Let’s visit! Smell-o-rama…is my “thang.”  😉