Sometimes along the dirt road you find treasures.  Sometimes you find trash.  Then sometimes…you find critters.


My little guy enjoyed this post. I hope that your little guys and gals do too. 🙂

This little guy or girl was actually sitting on our deck rail one morning.  Our dogs were going crazy…barking at it…and wouldn’t let it down.  I think that the poor little coon looks stressed.  I would be.

Maybe the coon is thinking “Ahhh….It’s Friday and as soon as I get away from these nutty dogs….let the good times roll!”  Or it could be thinking….”I’m about to have a heart attack.”  Can you see it’s little “hand” on its chest?

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, Dirt Roaders.  May you find treasures or critters along your dirt road…no trash.  😉