Hey Sweet Dirt Roaders!  How is Thursday treating you so far?  You have made it!  One more day until the weekend.  I always think of my aunt Jo when we talk about counting down.  She works hard to support her family and she is ready for a break.  I don’t blame her!

So…let’s talk winter wreath!  You know…I couldn’t remember for sure if I had shared this with you.  Then I remembered why.  I had shared it on Instagram…not here.  This wreath is soooooo simple.  I think that I actually got the idea for the ice skate in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  Don’t they just pack their magazine with all kinds of fun stuff?  I thought that you would agree.  😉


This wreath is made with what looks like burlap.  (Of course we are all nuts for burlap….except the lady at the material counter at Wal-Mart.  She can’t understand the sudden craze and she said that she thinks that it stinks.  She oughta smell it under a hot iron.  PEEEEE U!)  This is really kind of like Poly Mesh.  You know…the stuff that is all over Pinterest for wreath making.  This kind has a papery feel to it though.  I love it.  I have actually had it up since fall…and just changing out the decor on it for the season. So far though…the winter wreath…might just be my fav.


I love home decor that you can revamp. 🙂


May the Lord above bless you from the crowns of your sweet heads…to the soles of your dusty feet, Dirt Roaders.


p.s.  I’m gonna be working on my January Purge list.  Pray saints….pray.  😉