Hey friends.  Are you crazy busy cleaning out your pantry and all of your cabinets? Yeah…me neither.  Not yet anyway.  I had to scrub our bathrooms before I could even think about the other.  I will get there though.  The January Purge…is always nice.  That brings me to Lemon Fresh.  It’s a little crazy, what I am getting ready to tell you.  Hey…I just promised you a friendly little blog…not a sane one.

This is kinda weird.  When everyone else is knee-deep in one season of decor…I am already thinking about the next.  It’s not something that I talk about…it’s just the way that my mind works.  I don’t go ahead and put it into play, I just keep those ideas in the back of my mind.  Soooooooo….while everyone was enjoying their Christmas trees and garland, I was thinking about lemons.

I have these wonderful fake lemons.  My friend Shanny actually had some and they were so pretty and so “real” that I needed some too.  I just kept thinking about them during the Christmas season.  Actually…I kept thinking about the freshness of January and all of the things that I love to incorporate into our home during that month.  Clean surfaces are one of the main ones after all of the holiday decor. So the lemons, they kept calling to me from down in the basement: “Kelli, come and get us.  Put us in a cloche on your breakfast nook table.  Put that topiary in a non-Christmas pot, so we can stay there together.” Okaaaaaaaaay…so that is a little scary.  Seriously though…I love the brightness and the freshness.  Lemon fresh… just says organized and clean to me.

Beatiful inspiration.

Beautiful inspiration.

Do you anticipate decorating for the next season?  I would love to hear all about it.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, Dirt Roadies.  Don’t forget the lemons!