Hey Guys!  How are you?  I hope that all is well.  Are you up to your eyeballs in Christmas stuff?  We are. (and breathe…)  This is a three program week. (and breathe…)  It’s all wonderful…just very busy.  btw:  A BIG shout out to the Mr.  He helped me finish our Christmas shopping yesterday.  There has never been a better cart driver or sounding board.  He can steady me, like no other.  He reminds me to breathe when things are nutty.  Matter of fact, I just got a text from him that said something like that.  How did I manage to snag him and get him to that Christmas wedding, several years ago?  😉


When it was time to “kiss the bride” at our wedding…my husband to be removed a pair of tiny scissors from his tux pocket and snipped down the mistletoe that was hanging from the arch. He held it over my head and kissed his bride. awwwww….lol!

I hope that you have a wonderful day, Dirt Road Elves.  I hope that you eat candy canes until your teeth are pink and I hope that you remember to breathe!