I actually had something else to visit with you about today.  I am putting it off.  It’s not important enough to share today.  Not in light of recent events.  Today I just want everyone to know that our hearts are breaking for the parents and the families in Connecticut.  In times like these, I think as a whole, we feel horrified and dismayed.  We feel broken and scared.  We feel the need to do something.  The thing that I am choosing to do…is to ask our Father above to strengthen and heal.  I am asking Him to bring peace because He is the only one who can.  I have seen Him do it in times past, so I believe that He will again. I am asking Him to hear the prayers from our stretch of the dirt road and I want to send our love along with it.

luke fence

We have hope, my sweet Dirt Roaders.  Let’s share it.