Hey Guys.  I usually don’t post on the weekends but I wanted to show you the new, little changes to the blog.  Plus, I thought that I would share my gumdrops with you.  I would…literally…if I could, but I can’t.  Sooooo I will share my gumdrops…well…visually.  🙂  They are nestled in a bed of,  you guessed it, Epsom salts.  Do you recognize the butter dish?  Of course you do.  It’s the one that used to have the tiny pumpkins (putka pods) in it.  I just love that little dish.  (Thanks a billion, Shanny!)  I freeze my candy from year to year.  It keeps wonderfully that way.  Of course, I only decorate with it.  We don’t eat the candy that has been in the freezer all of these years. So…I wouldn’t really share these gumdrops if you were here.  I would buy you new ones.  I’m just nice that way.  😉


I hope that you like the new color.  I love…lovity…love it.  (Of course you probably knew that I would.  It’s turquoise after all.  😉

Have fun, Dirt Roaders!  Enjoy that weekend.