Hey Dirt Road Peeps!  We made it to Friday.  High fives and fist pounds all around.  There ya go!  Sooooooooo….who has their Christmas wreath on the door.  I do…I do…pick me…pick me. 😉  But then you probably knew that I would.  I can’t stand to let my door go “nakey.”  It ALWAYS has a wreath on it.  It’s a weakness of mine.  The only time it doesn’t have a wreath on it are those times when we have hurricane like winds up on the hill.  That can be scary.  Mainly because the only body of water that we live close to…is a pond.  It’s just bad- crazy wind sometimes.  Enough to make us give up wreaths on the outsides of the windows.  We like to sleep at night.  Is that so wrong?????  😉 (The wreaths were too noisy.)

Okay…enough babbling.  Sheesh Kel.  Enough already.  Give these poor people a break.  (It’s getting bad folks…I’m talking to myself…in front of you.)  😉  I’m gonna show you a picture of this year’s wreath.  I used my “burlap” wreath from fall, some old ribbon and old ornaments.  I love it. EXCEPT…I didn’t realize that all of the green ones were kinda….all in a row…until I edited this picture.  But…because no one is perfect….I’m not going to fix it and take another picture.  Let’s just say that this is my tribute to a more laid back Christmas than years past.

May you have a wonderful weekend, Dirt Road friends.  I think that we may find our real tree for the kids and put lights outside.  I will let you know how that goes.  Now…go love life…and land’s sakes…leave me a comment.  😉