Well hi!  I hope that your Thursday is off to a fine start.  I wanted to share with you a tad more in the Epsom salt vein.  The Three Amigos in this post are actually my very pretty, little glass candle holders.  They were a steal at a junk store.  I am so glad that I spotted them.  Especially at Christmas time.  They can hold all kinds of things.  This year though, it’s the salts and red Christmas balls.  I just love them.  So simple…yet bright and cheery.  That’s what we love, right?  Right.

I would love for you all out there to share some of your ideas with me.  I love..lovity…love your comments.  I’m waiting……..;)

Happy Thursday, Dirt Roadikins.  Go out and reach for the stars…or at least some glitter. 😉