Hey guys!  You have made it to the middle of the week!  Good job, Bob.  (and all others…besides the Bobs out there.)  Okay…nuff of that.

While I was looking through some of our old pictures, I came across this one.  There is something about the colors of things from days gone by, they make my heart smile.  (Just ask my junkin’ buddies.  I go all ninja when I spot something turquoise. hee hee!)

I think that I still have most of the things in this picture.  I do not still have the little piece of “oak” railing.  I do not miss it.  🙂

Maybe these things remind us of happy days at our grandparent’s houses.  Maybe they remind us of a country that started producing items in “happier” colors because of war times.  Maybe they remind us of the seventies and eighties, when some of us were kids.  Maybe they reflect the creativity of a Creator with their vibrant color.  Whatever the reason for our love of retro things…you have to admit, they are just really a whole lot of fun!

Happy Wednesday, Dirt Roaders!  Happy junkin’!