Hey…it’s Friday.  A little corniness is allowed, right?  (I’m referring to the title of this post.)  Of course it is!  Three cheers for Friday, you say?  Go right ahead…I will wait.  Dum…dee…dum…dum..dee..dee..dum.  Are you finished?  Okie doke.  Here we go.

So about the twigs.  Have you seen them?  Last year when they came to my attention, I loved them.  I thought that they would look so sparkly and cozy and homey.  Then I got some.  They still looked…well…all of the above…but I just couldn’t get them to feel like “me.”  Does that make sense?  Okay…thanks.  For one thing, they were super tall.  Another thing…they were straight as a stick.  Hardy-har-har. 😉  Really though, they were just straight and sticking up…and had no character.

Enter Pinterest:

My twigs had been residing in a dark corner of the basement.  They just weren’t doing it for me…so I stuck them down there.  Then I looked them up on Pinterest.  (Don’tcha just love it?)  I had one of those “ding-ding” moments.  I could bend the twigs to look more like real twigs…and then bend that super long stem on the bottom.  Now I know that it seems like a simple thing…but I paid quite a little bit for these things and I didn’t want to break them. Then I thought…”Is it better to take the risk…and love them, or leave them in the basement?”  I’m glad that I went for it.  😉

Now…you may have lighted twigs that are 6 feet tall and love them.  I think that is great.  I just couldn’t fit them in where they felt “right” around here.  (Mine weren’t 6 feet tall.)  Now I am in love with my little, curvy, cozy twigs.  They make me smile.

Happy Friday,  Dirt Roaders!  Now…dig something out of somewhere and work it over!

My twisted twigs. 😉