Confession time again: I have an obsession with entryways and foyers.  Is there a difference?  What about… vestibule?  There’s an old sounding word.  That’s what we call the entryway at church.  Is there a proper name for each one?  Maybe so.  I just love them…no matter the label. 😉

Have you ever looked in a magazine or maybe at a blog where they have an enormous foyer?  (Foy-yay….;))  I have seen them that are so huge that they have room to put a (very tall) Christmas tree or a round pedestal table with a GINORMOUS floral arrangement.  I LUFF that!  It looks so elegant.

I think that even if your home isn’t built with a certain offset place at the entry…there are things that you can do to create one.  You guys know this.  I am telling you absolutely NOTHING….you’ve got this!  A table, lamp, mirror, coat rack and cozy pretties.  There is just something about these things that help our homes welcome others when they walk through the door.


Our foyer of course is very farmhouse style.  That’s just “mu thang.”  😉  But…there are so many possibilities.  Tomorrow…I may share with you my love/hate relationship with those lighted branches that you see.  I promise to end on a positive note. Until then…

Happy Thursday, (ahhh…you are finally here Thursday ;)) Dirt Roaders!  Now…go forth and decorate those entryways!

p.s.  To my husband:  Thank you for reading my blog…even though some of it…is probably not “your thang.” You are my favortie editor.  I love you!  (Sorry Dirt Roaders…that you had to see this. ;))