A little touch of primitive for fall is so fun.

In this case…leave it on the ledge between the family room and kitchen.  😉  How fun is that?  I love it!  So much fun… as we look forward to fall.

Yes…I did happen to go back to the “honey hole.”  The name of the store is actually Creative Poverty.  It’s the old hotel place that I visited a couple of weeks ago.  She has so much fun stuff that you kinda have to rein yourself in and dream about stuff until your next visit.  (The dolls were gone today…hmmmmmm…..)  Anyway, I thought that the candles were so cozy for this time of year.  Plus, I do have a surplus of mason jars.  (The color…you know.  ;))  The really cool thing is that you just leave it on all the time.  They take two AA batteries and she said that she has had them last two months before.  We have rechargeable batteries for later…so that is kind of… win/win.  Yay team!

Happy Friday, Dirt Roaders!  Crank up those fall scented candles…it’s not long now!