Sooooooo…..I heard that today is National Lemonade Day.  How fun.  It kinda makes my mouth water just to think about it, how bout you?  I always love knowing when it’s National Taco Day or National Spaghetti day.  I love to make little signs for the table at supper and then prepare that meal.  The kids (okay, all of us) really enjoy it.  It just seems like a little celebration in the middle of the week.

Okay….so Ravioli Soup.  I came across a recipe for that somewhere the other day.  I have no idea where….but I shall be on the hunt….shortly.  😉  I think that it consisted of veggies and then at the last throwing in the cheese ravioli.  I WILL find a recipe for this….I already have the ravioli in the pantry.  I will letcha know how it turns out.  Happy Monday….Dirt Roaders.  😉