I shall call her Dotty. 😉

Once upon a time, there was an elephant.  She was so pretty.  I wanted to take her home with me.  She sat upon my mother-in-law’s shelf…with the other ba-zillion cookie jars.  I hinted begged and pleaded  (not really) that I would really like to have the elephant cookie jar if she ever got rid of it.  Fast forward to August 18, 2012.  (Yes…I am a little spoiled.)  When I opened the gift bag from my in-laws….what to my wondering eyes did appear….but the elephant.  She is very old and well-loved.  You can tell that just by looking.  She is still pretty spiffy though for an old gal.  I was so excited when I saw her in the bag, that I got tears in my eyes.  You know…for me…it really is the simple things.