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I posted a little thingy on Facebook last week that said this: “I would rather hear cows mooing than horns honking.” It’s true, but not everyone feels that way and I totally respect that. Today though…I thought that I would post a little bit of country for you. You know…just in case you love it.

We have been helping one of our kids learn to drive this summer. That means lots of dirt road rides. One day we had Mamaw with us and we decided to take a new path. We wound up by some of our relative’s home place and the cemetery where our kid’s great-great- great-grandparents are. How crazy is that? Folks don’t stray far from home in these Ozark hills. Anyway…it was a gorgeous place…out in the middle of nowhere. My favorite kind of adventure. 

I wish that I had snapped a picture of the beautiful pasture full of round bales. There were so many and it was gorgeous. One of my favorite summer views. I’ll share a picture of  Gingerbread instead. She loves hay too. 

It’s been rainy out here on the dirt road. Although we are enjoying the cooler weather…we are missing the swimming pool. It has been nice and cozy though.

And all of that coziness makes you want to  turn your home decor in the direction of fall.

I have been clearing off a few spaces and rearranging a little. You know…just in case a pumpkin needs a place to sit. 😉 You “nebber” know! (As my little brother used to say.)

So…a little bit of country for you on this Tuesday. I hope that your day is peaceful and that the love of Jesus warms you from the inside out.

Love from the Farmhouse,