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You guys! It’s smokin’ hot here! Like you feel grody when you step outside kind of hot. I know..I know…it gets hot every year in the summer…but this week it’s very much like the song. We are feeling hot, hot, hot in the Ozarks.

Now that you have our weather report *snicker, we can move on to other things like gorgeous grocery store roses. Anyone that braves our ALDI deserves fresh flowers. It is, sometimes, insanely busy at ours.

I love the look of roses in humble vases. An old crock, a Ball jar, anything like that. I also love it that they are so thrifty at the grocery store. The cream with blush centers might be my very favorite. Maybe. 😉

If you have never picked up a few grocery store roses for yourself…seriously…try it. Such an inexpensive way to add a little beauty to your home. They usually last several days, so you get a little eye candy for under five dollars. Trust me. You’re worth it. 

Love from the (thankfully a/c cooled) Farmhouse,