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Good morning guys! It’s Thursday!!! My favorite!!! I thought that we would just chat it up a little today. Nothing specific in this post. That okay? Okay!

So…the fair is in our neck of the woods this week. The hottest time of the year. Lol! My Mister and our son went to the livestock show this week. They sent me the sweetest shot of our son and his buddy…heading for a funnel cake. I love this!!!

I did a little revamping this week. If you follow along on IG…some of this is old news. Anyway, I kept seeing these cloches in our storage area and they were calling my name. Vintage bread board, succulents, Currier and Ives, and cloches. You can’t go wrong. 😉

I posted this to FB this week. It just jumped right out and slapped me. (Lord, please help me to be a cheerleader for those around me. I want to have a pure heart! Amen.) People often say that life is short…which is true…but life is such a gift. Wasting it on jealousy and petty things is just sad. I wanna be a rooter!!! You know…rooting folks on. I told a sweet, sweet, momma at church last night, that we were rooting for her. We are. Her baby girl is having some scary health complications and we are holding them up in prayer. That is real life. Genuine, heart to heart, stuff. I wanna live there. God is good, isn’t He? And the folks say…”All the time.”

I hope that Thursday treats you well. I hope that it feels like the beginning to your weekend. May you look around…and count your blessings…because life…is a gift.

Love from the Farmhouse,

p.s. Thanks for chattin’ it up with me!!! Leave me a comment! I love to read them!