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Holiday weekends are fun aren’t they? While we remember those that have given their lives to protect us…and our loved ones that have went on to Heaven…we usually gather with family. That is such a gift. I learn that more and more…the older I get. So weekend vibes feel alive and well today.

We have new babies on the farm, so with feeding them four times a day, our weekend vibe will be busy. We have a momma goat that totally would not feed her twins. Then another that only took one. Sooooo…we are striving to give these babies the best chance possible. 

Whatever you guys do this weekend…may Jesus bless you and warm your heart. May you quietly look around and absorb the love of your family. That is one of my favorite things to do. I used to see my dad doing that. He would just be enjoying his family and sitting there with a little smile. My granddad was the same way. I have been blessed with good teachers. 

Happy Memorial Day from the Farmhouse.