When I was a little kid, in school, Thursday became my favorite day. It felt like the beginning of the weekend. It’s still that way. Thursday…you so chill. (Why am I talking like that?) Let’s try that again. Thursday…you are finer than frog hair. There…that is true to my SoMo roots. 

I have eleventy million things that I need to get done around here. Do you ever feel like that in the spring? I know that the Mister does…bless his little pea pickin’ heart. He is steadily getting his list hacked down. I need to spring clean like nobody’s business. I’m gonna have to take it in stride though. Unless I hire some helpers. Hmmmm….lol!

So…more stuff. Have you guys read this? My sweet friend (cousin) Amanda let me borrow it. I’m excited to start it. Doesn’t Joanna have amazing taste?!? 

(Pea pickin’.)

Well…I have successfully bumbled around in this post. I hope that your Thursday evening is delightful. I hope that you get to relax and stretch out your toes. This post just might have made your eyelids heavy. πŸ˜‰

Love from the Farmhouse,