I was over the Spa Blue. It had actually been with us for eight years. Crazy!!! Time really flies. Also…some of the bathroom hadn’t been painted since we built. Sooo…I introduce you to Pebble Gray.

I absolutely love it. A beautiful neutral gray, that is very warm. When I pick my grays I always start with black at the beginning point. This one seems to have a tad of a brown tone, almost dusky, like dove gray.

This paint actually came from Walmart. We have used their paint several different times and love the durability. So…if you are looking for this color…that is where I found it.

This color is just so cozy. That is important to me. Cozy is my favorite.

So if you are looking for a color that is bright…yet soft…cozy and warm, Pebble Gray is a good choice.

Happy Weekend!!!