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A few years ago…if you would have told me that I would have a myriad of house plants…I probably would have wrinkled my nose. You know, like years ago, during the silk greenery movement. What was my problem?  I grew up through the 80’s so we all know that I was surrounded by house plant happiness.

I think that was the thing. I grew up during macrame plant hanger fame and house plants vining around the room. By the way, the plant hangers are all the rage again. I don’t have any…but I do have a plant vining on the piano.

I tend to keep my house plants in tidy pots. Usually they are in something other than just a flower pot. A crock, a vintage ice cream maker, or an olive bucket. The aloe is in a pretty ceramic pot. They give me plenty of house plant happiness though…and have for years now. Matter of fact…the first house plant that I had here at the farm was a little prayer plant from our son. So sweet!  He brought it home to me from Sunday School.

I still have some faux greenery…I mean who can turn their nose up at a fun topiary?  That being said…don’t sell yourself short by rejecting a happy little house plant. They really brighten your home.

Happy Potting!