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Here in Southern Missouri…June 1st is a bit soggy. If you look at the forecast…it’s rain for years. That being said we are glad that you are back June, you ol’ thang. One request though: A few sunny days for swimming? Mmmkay. Thanks!

So…now that you have the weather report, how about some junking news?  Yesterday, I was at one of our little “honey holes” and treated myself. I have been admiring this little salt crock for awhile. It’s old, well-loved, and perfect. She even came down a bit on it. That is always a bonus. These days I am picky about the finds that I bring home. This one though…is a keeper.

Okay, so, did you know that Bath and Body Works have made some of their classic scents available again? They sure have. I ordered Sun Ripened Raspberry this morning.(I am sold on their body cream in any scent.) Eeeeeep!  How fun is that?  I have missed that scent. It was probably my very favorite!  Plus today…they have a code for free shipping. Aaaaand…It was buy two get one free!!! You totally needed to know. Totally cool. (My daughters are rolling their eyes and barfing. Wait…what am I saying?  They won’t read this! I can say what I want!!!) TOTALLY! Lol!

(This is the “retro” packaging. They have amped it up a bit. Cause you know…it’s not 1995.)

Okay…enough of that. I hope that you guys have a wonderful evening.  Leave me a big, fat, comment. I love to read them. My readers are the best.

Love from the Farmhouse,