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Good morning, good morning!  How is everyone today?  We are definitely trying to hang in there.  I thought that I would share a few…little bits of kitchen with you today.  Everyone always calls the kitchen the heart of the home.  I would have to agree with that.  People usually seem to gravitate to that room at the Farmhouse too.  I love that.

Do you all have a coffee station.  It’s a pretty important part of our kitchen…let me tell ya!  Our Keurig was on the blink the other day…and everyone was a bit bummed.  (Especially since we had just gotten it in December.)  Thankfully we ran some cleaner through it and it works again.  It’s such a cozy spot in our kitchen though. I love to make coffee, but also my Sleepytime tea in this little spot.  Very cozy, in the evenings.

I’m sure that if you follow along on Instagram, you have seen this little piggy trencher.  The first place that I ever saw a little pig like this was either on Edie Wadsworth’s blog or Instagram.  She keeps salt in hers and it is adorable.  I think this one is a bit bigger.  I just put my salt crock inside.  It’s truly a delight in our kitchen.

Do you guys remember the plate rack turned cook book rack?  I loved my plate rack…but I really enjoy all of the these cookbooks being out in the open.  I know…that you know…that the kitchen can be pretty too.  It’s such a workhorse in our homes at times though…that we overlook some areas.  Don’t do that! 😉  Make every area of your kitchen enjoyable to look at or live in.  I promise you…it will be worth the effort and you will enjoy your time in there so much more.

I hope that you guys have enjoyed the little bits of kitchen that I have shared today.  I love this early morning shot.  (Ignore the Sherwin Williams paint bucket/egg bucket. Keeping it real.) I also hope that you all have a wonderful Tuesday.  Remember…life is what your make it.  You get to choose.

Love from the dirt road,