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Are you guys on Spring Break in your area?  We started on Monday and it’s always a welcomed break.  No bedtime routine, no homework, no hurried mornings.  I enjoy every break with the kids though.  I’m that crazy mom that hopes and prays for snow days during the winter too.  It’s just a good feeling when the chicks are in the nest.

I have been doing a bit of spring decorating around the Farmhouse. My mom and family usually come to our house on Easter…so it’s fun to have a few things out.  Plus, after winter…a bit of bright and cheery feels so good!  This will be Sweetie Pie Muffin Man’s first Easter.  (My nephew.  Yes…I give everyone a nickname/moniker.) How sweet is that?

This picture was taken in the evening, as you can tell, so the light wasn’t the greatest.  I was gifted with  a new scale (scales) though and “needed” to post it on IG.  My granny is blown away by the fact that I would want something like this in our home.  lol!  The older set cannot wrap their minds around us junkin’ women,  and our love of old, rusty, chippy, things. (I guess if your aren’t into farmhouse style…you probably can’t either.  Don’t fall out with me. You are not old. lol!) Another thing about this shot…my hand is in it.  Oh well…you win some…you lose some…and sometimes you just get a ribbon for participation. Ha!

Love from the dirt road,