I posted on Instagram today about poop.  Yes…you read that right poop.  We all know about that.  Sometimes when I post a picture on there, I ask the Lord to just lay something on my heart to encourage someone.  Today…the message was a bit messy.  Life is messy isn’t it?



In the past several months…going on a year now…I have had lots of health issues.  I have had miserable health issues, annoying health issues, and at times…unbearable health issues.  This was all new to me…because for the most part…I was never really bothered with anything like this.  Our family doctor retired…right before this happened…but he recommended a new doctor.  Thankfully my new doctor seems to have me on the right track…and this crazy phenomenon of Firbromyalgia is going to be treated. I had no idea what all could figure into this.  That being said…when I poured my heart and my symptoms out to my new doctor…the nodding of his head was very comforting.  Did you know that too much stress and trauma can break your body down?  Did you know that you need to be kind to your body? Did you know that saying “no” in certain situations is not anti-Christian?  God expects us to use wisdom. All that being said…I am looking forward to feeling better…and focusing on others…not my own situation.  We just had to get it figured out.


Normally, I am not this transparent on this blog.  We talk about fluffing our nests and we talk about cleaning and food and all of the fun stuff in life. I just wanted to share with my sweet and faithful readers.  I haven’t given up blogging and by the grace of God…I will continue to share His love with you.  We all have hard stuff.  We all have messy lives.  We all have a heap of ashes…but God will swap us for beauty every single time.


You guys are amazing and I plan to post something fun and springy and full of sunshine soon.  If you are are in one of the messy phases…you have my love and sympathy. I will leave you with this thought:

“I have decided to be happy…because it’s good for my health.”

Love from the Farmhouse,