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Woo Hoo!  The month of hearts and candy has arrived!  A new month to love.  That sounds promising, don’t you think?

One of our daughters loves Feburary.  It’s her favorite month.  I think that it’s pretty fun too.  I’ve already put something on my list for Valentine’s Day.  One of the checker outer ladies at ALDI wears Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana.  You can smell it at the very beginning of her lane!!! It is heavenly.  So clean!  Anyway…I have been wearing the knock off body spray from Wally World called Capri Breeze…until  Cupid (hopefully) remembers. (Mr. hint…hint.) lol! I am not hard to shop for.  I usually know what I want. 😉 

(We got a Chiweenie. Ain’t she presh?)  
(Just threw that in there.)

Okay…this isn’t about February…but have you guys seen the wonderful baskets that Dollar General had been carrying?  Some stores have been sold out…but some still have them.  So fun!!! What a great organizing tool! Just look at those copper handles! Sah-naaaaa-zeeee!

I will leave you will a picture of Sweetie Pie Muffin Man.  He is pretty much…smooch-a-lish!!!  Being an aunt is so fun!!!

So…enjoy your new month to LOVE!