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This morning I stood in our kitchen and just absorbed.  I absorbed the light, oxygen, and the feel of things.  Our home is about so much more than decor.  Our home is about a feeling. 

I want our family and others to feel welcome in our home.  I want them to feel the peace of God that we carry in our hearts.  I don’t want them to feel that they are in a museum.  I don’t want them to feel that everything is untouchable.  I do want them to feel a home that is lived in.

When kids come over to stay with our kids…I tell them to make themselves at home.  They do.  Most of them are return visitors and they know the casual way that we live here.  They know that this home is based on respect for others and grace.  A pretty healthy balance that we strive for.  

Years ago my mom told me that my step-dad’s motto for company was “If we have it…you are welcome to eat it.”  I love the generosity in that.  What a joyful way to live…putting the wants and needs of others before your own. What an example to me…and he probably doesn’t even know it.  

Home is a beautiful word.  What we make it mean for others…is up to us.  As adults…we get to choose how our home feels.

Love from the Farmhouse,


p.s.  I asked our kids how our home felt to them and this is what I got:

Cozy, fun, happy, inviting, cheerful, joyful, loving, and bright.

I am grateful and humbled by their answers and I know that these things have only come through the grace of God. All glory to Him. ❤️