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Hey guys!  How are you?  I just wanted to do a little post to welcome the new kids to the Farmhouse.  Today Jennifer at Town and Country Living shared our home and there are lots of new folks joining us.  Thank you so much Jennifer.  It has been so fun.

As she mentioned in her post, that you can read here, we do have a little farm with cows, goats, chickens, rabbits, dogs and cats.  Before we had the farm though…we had the farmhouse, and that has been the epitome of this little blog.  Simple home décor…that you can actually work into your life…without breaking budget.  I love good junking trips and well-loved treasures.  I don’t want to bring things home that can’t be used or loved by our family. On my Instagram account…it says Faith, Family and Farmhouse Style.  That is the order that we go in around here.  Without the first two…farmhouse style is nothing.  I believe in a balanced, well rounded life.  I’m sure that you have heard the saying, “I need a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus.”  Just go ahead and sign me up for that.

We had a little weekend get-away for my husband’s birthday.  It was a time to celebrate him and give him a breather. We actually honored the Sabbath in our hotel room this morning. We try to teach our kids the importance of that…even when you aren’t with your fellow believers.  It was such a sweet time…studying about the importance of God’s word. That brings me to the picture above…in case you were wondering. 😉

We live in the Ozarks…which is close to Silver Dollar City.  I love to visit their pottery shop.  It is such a sweet little place.  Sometimes the potter will be there working and sometimes the shop is quiet with the ladies working the register.  Last year, the Mr. bought a pie plate for me.  I thought that it would be fun to buy a piece of pottery each year.  Yesterday, I found the salt crock.  I loved it at first sight.  I am an artsy kind of gal…so pottery just warms my heart.  (One day I shall have a wheel…good Lord willin’.)  I am a huge fan of blue, my favorite color for always, so…that was a plus.  Then of course…the fact that we keep salt in a crock on the counter…worked.  I think that the main thing though is the lettering.  I can always use a reminder that I need to be salt and light.  Matter of fact…I prayed that very thing before we went on this trip.  You never know who you will meet up with that just needs a kind smile.  Sometimes, just holding the door for someone, it speaks volumes.  A steady reminder that we are the salt of the Earth? Yes please.

I hope that you feel welcome dropping by this little blog.  It’s just a little place of real life and home.  It’s a place of celebrating God’s blessings.  A little spot of light and warmth…to come in out of the cold.  I’m glad that you are here.

Love from the Farmhouse,