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You guys!  I am still here!  Lol!  Thank you to those of you that have been here…even when I have not.  I have been under the weather a bit and honestly have not felt like doing much.  After a trip to my Chiro…I hope to be on the road again.  This getting older stuff is hard work!

I feel like I haven’t really gotten into gear with summer yet.  Our weather has been cool and rainy, sooo…spring has been long.  That isn’t a bad thing though.  We will miss this cooler weather about August.

I will leave you with a picture of this pretty Caprese salad today.  My husband picked up lemon basil for the herb bed this year and it is so bright in this salad. Such a fun time of year…when lunch can be picked out in the yard!!!

On the road again,


Kelli 😉