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I have searched high and low for The Elusive Fiddle Leaf Fig.  I have looked in several different towns, in several different home improvement stores.  My family would wait patiently in the vehicle, while I would pop in…go straight to the garden center and then walk out…empty handed.   No Fiddle Leaf Fig to be found.


Let me back up a minute.  I do not always follow trend.  There are some things out there that everyone is crazy about that I am not.  I am not going to name them…lest you second guess your own opinion.  We humans tend to do that. (At least this one does.)  There are just some trendy trains that I do not jump on.  Yes, I do own a trendy purse or two or three…but I also own a leather bag that I picked on my own accord…because it was just me.  I know what I like and sometimes…certain trends and colors are just not something that excites me.  Now when it comes to the Fiddle Leaf Fig…I must confess a bit of mob mentality.  Forgive me. I just think that they look very classy for a houseplant. Can a houseplant look classy?  I believe so.


So back to my search.  There I was…houseplant poor (In the Ozarks that means that you have a bunch of houseplants already.) and in search of yet another, but it was always just out of reach.


Enter my green thumb friend Brenda:

My friend Brenda, caught wind that I wanted a Fiddle Leaf Fig.  She has major connections with Home Depot.  (Okay…she gets email from them.)  Anyway…she got an email that said that they were back in stock, they weren’t very expensive, and that they would ship!!!  (We got no Home Depot here…ya see.)  Have I mentioned that Brenda is a bit trendy too? 😉  Annnnnnyyyyyway…..I jumped right on their website and ordered one.  Brenda did too.  It was so fun!  They came on the same day and she has been coaching me along….helping my Fiddle Leaf Fig adjust to it’s life in the Ozarks…instead of the rain forest.  Yeah…big difference.


So that is the story of the Elusive Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Probably more than you wanted to know.

You people are kind to read this stuff.

Love from the Farmhouse,