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On Spring Break this year, we took a little jaunt to Texas.  It was wonderful, relaxing, and just what we needed.  I had a few places that I wanted to visit while we were there.  Places that we don’t have here in our neck of the woods.  I am totally fine with that fact…because I am one of those crazies that actually loves small town life.  That being said…it was really fun to visit some of these spots.  IKEA was one of them.  Of course I picked up…a few things at IKEA.


If you have never been…IKEA is like a big showroom upstairs and then a market downstairs.  The market was my favorite part and I was stoked about the prices.  I picked up some glass vases that I had seen on Instagram and also a sheepskin for the piano bench. Their candles smell great too.  I was really impressed with the whole thing and would definitely go back.  You guys are all like…”Duh…we have been and we already know this goodness of which you speak.”  Just in case though….that someone out there has thought of going and held off…go.  If you are into home decor…I would bet my eye teeth that you would love it.  (Okay…maybe not.)


Our girls are enjoying the sheepskin for piano practice.  A little easier on the bum than a hard piano bench.  I love the bit of softness that it lends to such an angular spot.


If you already know all about IKEA because you don’t live in the sticks…or if you have always wanted to go…leave me a comment and we will chat it up!

Love from the Farmhouse,