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It has been established on this blog…that Thursday is my favorite day of the week.  It’s true.  I’m not sure why.  I’m just a little quirky that way.  That being said, Friday is a good one too. Today is a day off for the kids and I’m on my second cup of coffee.  Actually I have moved on from hot coffee to iced coffee.  I’m fixing to clean this farmhouse.  😉


So….three cheers for Friday?  I think so.  We have some gift cards that we have been saving back…so we may just have take-out tonight.  Isn’t that fun!?  Thought so.  The sun is shining on this Friday…so that is definitely another plus.  As you can tell…I’m pretty focused on the simple basics in life.  Shelter, food, sunshine.


Lest you think that I’m being a bit too Pollyanna today…this week has had some rough spots.  Actually there are several things that we are enduring and do endure on a daily basis.  In all of that though…God is there. He is our strength. That was something that I shared on fb this week.  Life can be really hard, but God is still there.  I learned through the loss of my dad, that focusing on what remains is very important in this life.  Being thankful for the simple stuff is crucial.  Enjoying the sun on your face or an egg, freshly gathered from the coop…bliss.  The hugs of children.  Their voices in the other room as I type…they boost my heart.  It doesn’t even have to be your own children.  Hold someone’s baby.  Celebrate the joy of life with others.  This kind of outlook doesn’t come without pain and sorrow.  It comes after you have endured.  I described grief to someone like this recently:  “When you start to come out of it, it’s sort of like when a pasture has been burned off.  You almost have to squint because of the newness and the brightness of life.” I don’t tell you this to scare you or to bring you down.  I just want to encourage someone out there to quiet themselves for just a bit and look into His eyes.  You will be overwhelmed with the love that you see.


I will not leave us with furrowed brows and pensive thoughts.  It’s Friday and we are stoked!  God is good and the sun is out! I have kind of been in crafty mode of late.  Yesterday with some hand lettering, and I have also been thinkin’ on a new rag quilt.  Maybe one sewn in strips, with sort of a shabby chic farmhousey feel.  (Spell check hates all of my made up words.) Who knows?  Maybe after I get this house pulled together….I will start a new project.  All I know is…that God loves us.  He wants us to enjoy the gifts that He gives in this life.  I am excited about that.

Three Cheers for Friday!!!