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Do you have the”cleaning out” bug?  It usually surfaces with me…big time…in January.  It seems like it took a couple of weeks this time though.  We have been busy and I just wasn’t super focused on it.  That being said…I do love a fresh start.  Yesterday was a snow day for our kiddos and I just piddled around and cleaned a bit.  I moved things and left clean surfaces.  I love that.


Today I was checking Instagram and came across a post by the Nester.  Do you follow her?  Of course you do. Anyway…I loved what she had to say about “quieting the house.”  She mentioned that she likes to put all of the small things away for a few days.  I can totally see how that would “quiet” things.  Just a pretty, clean, unobstructed view of the main things in the home.  I may try a bit of that myself today.  I thought that it was fun that I had been practicing “clean surfaces” yesterday, and then came across her post today.


I hope that you have a wonderful day, Dirt Roaders.  I hope that wherever you are…life is gentle and kind, and that you find the peace of God…residing in your heart.


Love from the (quiet) Farmhouse,