Every year…my plan is to not be stressed. Do you ever give yourself pep talks? “Okay Kel…take a deep breath, make a list, and….go!” Whew! Whew! Whew! Does it work? Sometimes. Last night though, the Mr. stated that he was looking forward to an evening in his recliner…soon. The thing is…any celebration…is a tad hectic. We will be pleasantly exhausted. I am okay with that.

I have learned in life to take little times of quiet in the busy. I pause and ponder. I go do laundry. Lol! Sometimes the mundane tasks are exactly what I need. Then I rush off to the store and buy treats for umpteen third graders, (which is an honor and a blessing) but that is beside the point. Lol!

I have been praying for guidance on where to go with the blog in the coming year. My posts have been a tad lean…but you guys continue to read and I feel honored by that. Life has changed for me in the last year and I have learned much in the secret place with God. I sense that I am not finished there…and may never be. I am good with that. He is the Teacher…I am the student. Maybe in the coming year…He will bless this little spot, along the dirt road, by leaps and bounds. He loves us, sweet Dirt Roaders. I feel blessed to be able to remind us of that…here.

May your Thursday be merry and bright!