Does Christmas stress you out? For years it really threw me for a loop. I don’t think that I grumbled much about it…because that always made me feel guilty on the inside. You know…the Lord’s birthday celebration and all. Then at some point, it dawned “uponst” me…that I didn’t have to stress about it. It was my choice to actually enjoy the birthday celebration. I realized that the quiet moments of love given to Him, in my heart, meant more than the tinsel and being at all the parties on time. I realized that I could focus on the most important things, let go of the secondary things, and breathe. Today’s post is a bit of enjoying on purpose.

Our stockings are important to us. My dad used to fill my stocking and give me one little present, every day, until Christmas. Those Christmases in that little old house…are precious memories. Mom would always guess what he got her. It drove him crazy. Lol! In our own home…my husband loves to fill the stockings. He and I have one too. Why shouldn’t we get in on the fun!? The fact that the Mr. makes time to purchase these little gifts is not lost on me. Another thing to…enjoy on purpose.

This tiny wreath that hangs on the jelly cupboard…gives me pause. Such a simple little thing…yet I enjoy it immensely. In the hustle and bustle…my soul craves quiet. This tiny object symbolizes that. Crazy…I know.

We have been enjoying time in our family room, this holiday season. For the first time, in a long time, we only have one Christmas tree up. It’s so cozy in there at night, with the twinkly lights on. The kids usually have their homework going and just to be real with you…our faces are aglow with….our iPhones. Ha! I admitted it.

I hope that you have a wonderful day, Dirt Roaders. May you enjoy this season on purpose.

Love from the farmhouse,