Hey Dirt Roaders! Are you all prepped for the big day? We are counting our blessings here at the Farmhouse and I’m trying to abstain from the Christmas decor…a little while longer. It may be a losing battle. We are also wading through the one year anniversary of my dad reaching his ultimate goal. I know that this has been the best year (our time) of his life. Yes. Life. He is more alive now…than ever. Whew. Life is hard at times…but God is faithful. I am thankful.

On a lighter note…we are the proud owners of a new barstool. Big whoop…right? Well…our others come in a set of two and are pretty pricey. So…in true Along the Dirt Road fashion…we are mixing it up a bit. Target had these beauties and we love them. End of saga. p.s. It’s up for grabs if we replace the other two. What do you guys think?

I hope that you have an amazing Thanksgiving. May you enjoy the blessings of God down deep in your heart. I love those moments…with people…when they are talking…and I am quietly soaking in the grace of God. He makes me thankful.

Love from our Thanksgiving table to yours.