Blogging from my phone today. I need to go to the grocery store…so not a lot of time for photog and edits. I kinda love ALDI a lot…so it’s not a huge chore. Just a few Thursday musings for ya and a few iPhone shots.

Isn’t Thursday fun!? Most of you know that it’s my favorite and always has been. Strange…I know. Lol! I like to have all of my stuff done by Thursday, house cleaning etc., so I can enjoy. My dad was like that. Jump in and get your work done so you can party to the fullest. 😉

I have every intention of setting up a new craft area in the basement. Yes…my new sewing machine is still in the box. To my credit though…we have had a lot going on. Also, for this little project I am going to need the Mr.’s muscles…because a few things need moved. We also need to build a little goat barn. Hmmm….wonder which one will win out? 😉

I hope that you thoroughly enjoy your Thursday!

Love from our dirt road to yours!